List of Sangha members' Dharma names as of 1/1/18

The following list includes those Sangha members who have taken the Bodhisattva vows and gone through Jukai. The meaning of each name is based on the characters used, and not the sound. Also, these names consist of two or three different Kanji characters that were put together specifically for the Jukai recipient, and in most cases will not correspond with any Google search. Unlike our "static" birth names, Dharma names must be dynamically practiced in everyday life. This means that we each have to keep studying the deep meaning of our names, and actualize them through the practice of the precepts. The names are of personal nature, but since they are born out of the absolute they act as a reminder for all of us to not get lost in the relative and express the fundamental in the midst of the ephemeral.

(1) Active Members

Rev. Junryu (Pure Hearted Flow) - Eran

Dharma Holders & Priests:
Rev. Myogen (Luminous Source) - Yvonne (Dharma Holder)
Rev. Keichi (Joyous Wisdom) - Yves (Dharma Holder)
Rev. Mitsugen (Intimate Presence) - Ricardo (Senior Student)
Rev. Taishin (Great Trust) - Akesha

Chodo (Clear Path) - Martin
Eikan (Eternal Perfection) - Rob S.
Ensho (Wisdom Radiance) - Lorin
Enyo (Wisdom of Suchness) - Alena
Kaiju (Gentle Ocean) - Amanda P.
Kyodo (Empty Path) - Avi
Meijo (Luminous Generosity) - Ortencia
Seigyoku (Pure Jewel) - Ellen
Seishin (Sincere Heart) - Emilie
Seisho (Creative Essence) - Lilly
Taiken (Peaceful Sword) - George
Tetsuki (Wise Spirit) - Bert

(2) Currently Inactive

Eiji (Eternal Compassion) - Tom
Joriki (Quiet Energy) - Gene
Keizan (Joyous Mountain) - Jules
Kyonin (Vast Patience) - Robert G.
Meishin (Luminous Heart) - Leyla
Seiku (Peaceful Sky) - Claudia
Shindai (Intimate Ground) - Alex
Shokan (Authentic Insight) - Jason
Taisui (Peaceful Water) - Leoni
Yuji (Courageous Compassion) - Caitlin